S02. The Attributes of Body, Mind and Spirit.

This section contains too much technical and theoretical information, and not enough doing. Read and understand what you can, and skip to the next section. Leave the rest till later.


  1. Never fight an enemy using his rules. Minds have rules to protect their existence. Cheat like Hell.
  2. One is a spirit who at present has a body.
  3. A person rises to their spiritual level of irresponsibility. (Peters' Principle is that a manager is promoted to his level of incompetence.)
  4. Always do things as a series of small steps. That way things get done.
  5. Never do anything to other people that one would not do to oneself. What appears to be outside may also be part within. Enlightenment is a terrible weapon against those who not wish to be Enlightened.
  6. Everything one asks or commands others to do, one must be prepared to do oneself.
  7. No mind can exist without an entity to run it, in body or out.
  8. Always burn fossilised mind for energy, not one's own. If one experiences energy loss, one's methods are wrong. Energy deficits are normally corrected by using first party meditation, by restoring one's anger, or both.
  9. One cannot have what is not prepared to let others have.
  10. "This cannot possibly be true", is a statement of emotion, and the reverse may well be true. Be prepared to examine all reverse hypothesis.
  11. The terms god, creator, source and controller are different aspects of the same thing. These are all functions of Zodiacs. God is best regarded as a courtesy title towards anything to which one wishes to be polite.
  12. If one is not prepared to clean up their own God, who else is going to do it? If you are lucky, the CIA or MI5 may do it for you, but to their rules.
THE VIKING GODS. The Sagas are a series of heroic stories written by shamans and leaders to define racial objectives and to give psychological and spiritual knowledge. The Vikings originated like most Western peoples from Mesopotamia. Religion is a function of climate, so that the cold of the North and the need for survival has knocked some uncommon sense into Viking. The Viking Gods are archetypal images that can be driven by anyone in the spirit world who wishes to help. A great deal of energy is invoked by those who use the archetypes. Such energy is a magnet for all Viking friendly spirit guides who are only too pleased to drive the archetypes from the other side, to impart inspiration and knowledge. However you have to do the work. This is similar to Spiritualists using Red Indian images to communicate with the other side. Most other Gods are Zodiacs and need to be cleaned up and upgraded (or dispatched as Frost Giants). The archetypal Gods work with man and man can work in their style, while Zodiac Gods are tyrants

The area of immediate consciousness.

The Subconscious. This lies not within, but between a person and the outside world like a dark aura. It is standing between us. As one gains in responsibility, so items in this area move into the area of immediate consciousness

Outside one's personal universe where one does not normally expect to be conscious. Look outwards and go for the external entities that have their claws into one. The first casualties will be in the subconscious, hence the injunction not to do anything to others that one would not do to oneself. What looks totally external all too often has a counterpart in the subconscious. If one feels threatened by the CIA, it is probably due to having a secret policeman identity in the subconscious. The psychological satisfaction of going on the offensive is the same, whether the enemy is within or without.

THE ACQUIRED MEMORY SYNDROME is now quite well known. The typical case is where a patient remembers sexual child abuse while under hypnosis, and the incidents are direct cribs of recent TV programs. Acquired memories are probably extremely common. Acquired minds are practically universal and are the basis of religion, education, advertising, brainwashing and propaganda. One can not be free till the last acquired mind has been purged.

THE EMPTINESS OF SPIRIT. As one gets rid of mental and psychic rubbish, so a vacuum is left. This must be filled, otherwise the Universal Subconscious will do it for you with more rubbish. The best way of filling is to develop psi ability or any other ability that is not mental. Spirit should be empty in a positive way and not a negative way.

THE EMPTINESS OF THE UNIVERSAL SUBCONSCIOUS. The Universal Subconscious should also be empty in a positive sense in one's own sector. The Universal Subconscious should not exist in its own right and to recognise it as an entity is playing by its rules.

REMOTE VIEWING AND SENSING. If we look outwards, we can gain knowledge and enlightenment, neutralise our enemies, and help and heal our friends. Limited 2 way communication is possible even with enemies and is a great source of enlightenment. Whether such actions are in peace or war, depends more on the levels of emotion, responsibility and enlightenment of the 2 sides, than on the procedures used. Enlightenment is a weapon of war against the senders of malice as it returns their gifts to sender.

THE ZODIAC MIND. The writer bypassed the lower levels by taking responsibility for all objectives. It is an older mind than the ordinary mind that gives everyone different pre-set goals to make everyone different. We have genetics instead. Someone else can plot this out. There has always been rivalry between the 2 systems. As Moses might say today about the Garden of Eden, "He who eats the fruit of the Zodiac, deserves to be programmed by the Zodiac". The Zodiac is like a carrot. It only authorises one to view one slice at a time, and then only one segment. The mind uses this as a framework and as one goes up a level, one experiences first rebirth and then death. The number of levels is too many. Cheat and slice it vertically. At higher levels, this is the source of logical and psi minds. Logic here is all memes and linkages and make any fundamentalist religion look like Greek philosophy. Here psi appears to be of no great use. Synthetic or postulated psi may be of more use. Watch out for all the linkages and exclusions.

ZODIACS may be understandable to Spirit, but only the simpler elements are understandable to a body. They contain the following. Zodiacs are the great disease of Spirit.

EXCLUDED MINDS. Exclusion and inclusion of minds and universes are largely a function of the Zodiac. One cannot use what one does not believe in. This is one good reason for the absence of real psi. Probably there are numerous universes excluded to all men on Earth. The Zodiac also appears to be a bad solution to natural entropy.

ENERGY ENTITIES are what we really are. We cannot be that with Zodiacs to hold us down. To Zodiacs, energy is evil.

EXIT VIEW OF ZODIACS. A zodiac meme is just a beingness or poseur, and such are not renowned for action. They inhibit our actions. We must take back what is ours by reclaiming responsibility for our actions. At the top, zodiacs memes appear to have 8 major levels.

  1. A MASTER who owns the zodiac meme, which may be human in body, a spirit, a god, or another zodiac meme.
  2. An IDENTITY which states what the zodiac meme may be called by the master and its slaves. (Calling it a god is a good means of camouflage. It is best to assume that all gods are zodiacs.) BEINGNESS is a better alternative. As we are all erroneously taught that we have to be in order to do, identity makes a better entry point. The biggest enemy of a beingness is a greater beingness or god. Watch out for chains of beingness.
  3. A CONTROLLER who says what the slaves of this particular zodiac meme may or may not do.
  4. PROGRAMMING. This expresses itself as RIGHTS and AUTHORISATION. This is the right to control you and not visa versa. This may also contain the right to control others as in various religions.
  5. REVENGE or an Avenger to punish anyone who violates this zodiac meme and to protect it from enemies.
  6. An OWNER who states the slaves or other zodiacs meme owned by this zodiac meme.
  7. A SWITCH mechanism which can be on or off. This can be activated by the Kolisko effect or memories of it, other zodiacs items or zodiac engineers.
  8. PAIN. The mechanics of brainwashing as appropriate to the situation.
There are also a number of major components. ZODIACS appear to have 4 major levels and are all variations on beingness. Everyone was a god before organised religion and science decided to strip you of you dignity for political purposes. Fossilised beingness is the source of all zodiacs. Real time beingness is no problem. One cannot blame religion for loss of personal control of zodiacs and beingness. To be complete, we must take back total personal control of the following which we have given away or abandoned control. The anathema of zodiacs is total Spirit individuality. All forms of beingness are just forms of suppression to keep the peasants in order. While one is being something, one cannot upset the machinery of the universe. PSYCHOTRONICS. This comes from the Russian name for psychic stuff as developed by the KGB. This is the sort of thing that gives one heart attacks or cancer. It appears to be a development out of East European folk and Masonic technology. Punishing the Guilty is a vice of Western Europe, while its counterpart in Eastern Europe is Revenge. When this appears in the UK, it makes Satan look like the Virgin Mary. The writer has met with psychotronic generated cancer zodiacs while investigating a case of bowel cancer in a 30 year old woman. Satan should sue for libel. This material is the murkiest and most disgusting stuff possible, but can be handled, neutralised and returned to sender. The actual disease once it takes hold is a different matter, and the writer has not been able to alleviate the above case of cancer in any manner detectable to him.

The life expectancy of anyone reaching the age of 45 has not increased for over 40 years. Deaths by cancer are on the increase. One of the first questions cancer support groups now ask patients is "What were the problems that lead to your illness". Inevitably they get an immediate answer and it is the first time the patient has been asked. One can either blame the Russians or look at psychic hygiene. Environmentalists blame pollution. Choose your theory.

HUMAN DISEASES. Any disease can create a psychic component. Psychic hygiene should assist in healing. Modern soap has cut down a lot of skin infection. If one grazes an arm, soap and water will remove many causes of infection. If the arm turns septic, then a doctor may still advise soap, water and perhaps a suitable antiseptic, to let natural healing to take place. Psychic hygiene should be regarded in a similar way. The question is whether in normal life, psychic components can cause disease. The most suitable candidate for a man made disease of psychic origin appears to be Multiple Sclerosis (first diagnosed in France in 1832). The writer has located MS and purged it in many people who not suffer from it, and in this way it acts as a plague. It may be that MS sufferers create so much psychic rubbish that this in turn becomes infectious. For anything like this to take hold, a willing victim of suitable genetic make up is needed. Once disease takes hold, doctors are best at healing. The writer does not know how to cure either MS or cancer once they take hold.

ENGRAVINGS Many things can get engraved on the brain or Spirit in times of stress, hypnosis, unconscious and/or pain. The important element here is that the incident is there but the victim has no conscious memory. Engraving is neccessary for successful brain washing. This is known to Scientologists as an "Engram" as they they will never use plain English when there is a pseudo scientific alternative.

FLATTERY always works. Call an entity scum and it will not come out to play. Call it the Lord God Almighty and it will. Keep your opinion of entities who respond to this treatment to yourself. This is the reason for so much propitiation in orthodox religion.

META LANGUAGES AND CODES. All languages are made up of codes. Any message is made up of a string of codes. A conscious body may not be able to understand the basic or meta languages of Spirit, minds, bodies and even genes. This is a fault in human consciousness. If intention is good and the appropriate meta language is clean, the unconscious mind can do the automatic translation.

OTHER MINDS. They do exist, but someone else can plot them.

THE FIRES OF PURGATORY. This is Spirit breaking through and can occur at numerous levels. Treat it as a hot bath to wash away all rubbish. If one tries to hang on to one's dirt, then it is pure hell.



PSI. Provided you are a normal human being, you are telepathic. If you do not believe this, then you (and associated entities within) make so much mental noise, that you cannot discriminate between your own thoughts and those from other people. This is the case of the virtues of the Empty Mind. Consider the following.

August 2005 - The following has been copied from M01.
A Table of Body Emotions and the Conscious Mind. This is a combination of emotions from observation, psychiatric and other sources. Please note that as one deals with Reptilian and sub-conscious items, one has to drag them through conscious emotions, which can be a bit confusing.

The above table takes no account of emotions above enthusiasm, like Work, Exhilaration, and Enlightenment as they are not body emotions. Also no account is taken of the Fates Worse than Death like Blame, Shame and Regret, for a body cannot drop below Death.

February 2013
A Table of Reptilian Brain Emotions and the Sub-conscious. The reptilian brain is the brain we have inherited from our reptilian ancestor, and includes the third eye or pineal gland. The left and right hand sides of the brain were developed later. It becomes apparent that the following emotions belong to the reptilian brain, and not as we thought to spirit. This is to aid the survival of the family, working outwards from there. This table is not linear. There is no logic. These emotions are the drivers of telepathy.

These are very primitive emotions and their misuse leads on to other emotions previously attributed to spirit. One is naturally programmed to be responsible to one's family, to love one's family and forgive all transgressions. These emotions are hijacked by politics and religion, which is the price of civilisation.
Viking Remote Viewing, Psychic Self-Defence, Extra Terrestrials and UFOs.

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