S05. Location in space, time and infinity.

As one comes out of the mind and into the real world, so there is liable to be a great deal of disorientation. The great symptom is the appearance of enemies. However this is a case of being at the bottom of the pile in the chaos of space time. The remedy is to locate oneself in the environment. This is similar to conscious walking for the body, and locating the body in the physical world. In the physical world are lampposts friends or enemies? Try variations on the command list below. Controlled remote viewing is a good alternative.

THE TANGIBILITY GRADIENT. The observable physical universe is the most tangible universe available and should be used first. From there one can go to the next most tangible universe, and so on down the line. Thus a number of different versions are given.

  1. The physical universe.
  2. Infinity, rather large but still tangible.
  3. Physical parallel universes, which one cannot see and can hardly visualise. This is the Dark Matter of Astro Physics.
  4. Psi and other universes, very intangible.

LOCATION IN SPACE TIME. On no account use emotional universes within a command list; use them as subjects only. There is no argument with Einstein's basic Theory of Relativity; it is his extended theory that is dubious. The curvature of space follows the rules of the mind to give an enclosed system, and does not allow for parallel physical universes. The Spirit World is also dubious for being too emotional.

SUBJECTS FOR REMOTE MEDITATION. Replace "I" with any of the following.

Very often one can get abreaction on doing without knowing which command list is appropriate. Try the following and break out into the appropriate command list when one gets abreaction. The list is top down for getting one outside the mind and into the real world.

INFINITY. All universes have limits and boundaries that are built up with allegiances and responsibility to those allegiances. Thus if we wish to go outside all universes, we must go into infinity, and locate ourselves there as well as in the Physical Universe. Allegiances and responsibility cannot exist in infinity. It is difficult to go from one universe to another. It is far easier to access universes of one's choice from infinity. Infinity can be a wonderful state, far exceeding that of Buddhist enlightenment. However infinity is a very large place.

The list of remote subjects is given above.

KNOWLEDGE, THE TRASH COMES FIRST. In Infinity, all knowledge is available, but one can learn things one does not wish to know. There is a great flood of useless knowledge and information that must be handled by responsibility. This is an area of "Look, See and Know". Anything with mind attached which has its claws into a person also leaves its databanks unguarded. While a mind and the data in it are the most valued possessions of an entity, more than 90% is irrelevant to anyone else, and more than 90% of the rest appears irrelevant. If one drains the energy and databanks of an enemy, one then has the job of cleaning up what has been received for little reward, which seems to make the exercise pointless. In Infinity, fossilised allegiances and responsibilities cannot exist and neither can universes or any gods. It is still advisable to respect personal responsibility, otherwise one will return to a universe. The misuse of responsibility created universes in the first place.

REMOTE VIEWING. Minds cannot exist in infinity, but there are plenty of potential enemies. For a start, there is every defence agency in the world. The Russians invented remote viewing around 1960, the CIA started around 1970, and now every other defence agency is at it. This is a new name for an old ability. Due to lack of sufficient personal responsibility, no intelligence agency can do it cleanly, and any third rate psychic can detect a visit. There are 4 aspects.

THE PARADOX OF ENEMIES. If one has personal responsibility, weapons, responsibilities, loyalties and allegiances clean, then one will not normally have enemies. Personal responsibility and one's weapons deal with them automatically, and the following subjects will not work, unless they are very real.

Looking for enemies is a good way of getting into a dwindling paranoiac spiral. Hunting enemies is a luxury one can only afford while in serenity or above, and personal responsibility is in good order. Responsibility is the tool to use on enemies.

Locating oneself in infinity leads to a lot of unconscious and usually unwanted remote viewing. The cause of this is other people sending malice or black magic to one. When they do this, they lower their defences and thus make themselves targets for remote viewing. This leads to much mind and other rubbish coming back from the targets. This has to be cleaned. Try the following subjects.

It becomes obvious that there can be no mind without an entity or individual to operate it. Individuals may get together and make a group mind, but it still relies on individuals.

Use this command list too early and one gets lost in parallel mental minds and universes. Try it too late and one finds oneself out of energy and teetering on the edge of the Abyss, between the universe one knows and parallel physical universes. There is also the control of reality to sort out first.

The list of remote subjects is given above.

There are plenty of possible variations and one can try locations where one likes, which include psi and remote viewing targets.

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