S08. Current Meditational Model.
Under Permanent Construction.

This deals with the current meditational model in principle. We can not give a model in detail, as this is forever changing to suite current requirements.

Any meditational list has a series of commands. A command generally has a subject (eg I), an action (eg reincarnate), and a target (eg enemies). There will also be various modifiers to designate tense, ownership, etc.

List Structure. Any such list has -

This is a common type of procedure used for ritual magic. In a Christian Church service, the Lord's Prayer is commonly used to set the scene. However as it is so overused, it has little effect but to set the scene. Genuine prayer must be from the heart, and fresh each time, and thus is unlikely to have any effect if repeated twice. In a church, close down may by walking out through the door, but for other forms of magic a close down is normally required.

List Template. Everything here needs to be changed in detail to suite personal requirements.