Please note that the webmaster is not a doctor, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst or psychotherapist. He does not hold any qualifications in any of these disciplines, nor is he a member of any professional body in such a discipline. Thus he is uncorrupted by any of these bodies or universities in these fields. Anyone in need of psychiatric help should consult a doctor, psychiatrist or minister of religion, depending on what country they live in.

The webmaster is interested in expanding human consciousness, responsibility and ability. He is particularly interested in developing personal responsibility and abilities such as remote viewing. He has noted that most professionals in the field of psychotherapy, etc, take a rather dim view of personal responsibility, probably because lack of personal responsibility by their clients keeps them in business. The Establishment also take a dim view of personal responsibility as they wish you to be responsible to them and for you to remain their servant. The Feudal System is alive and well.

If one can expand personal responsibility sufficiently, then one can command others to be responsible for their actions. This will override any form of black magic, mind control or advertising. This annoys the Establishment.

The webmaster does hold a degree in agriculture, and an NCC certificate in Computer Systems Analysis. He is now retired after spending 35 years in the computer business. He is a widower and the children have left home.

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