M07. Tools used in Remote Psychotherapy and Psychic Self-Defence.

THE AKASHIC ELEMENTS. The main tools used in the S series of sections on Remote Psychotherapy can be plotted against the Akashic Elements. If one wants to remote view agencies or ETs, then one must be on a level of enlightenment and responsibility equal or above that of the target. This section is for anyone wanting an overview of the tools used. The Akashic Elements disappear if one clears out the Concepts of Emotion. All Akashic Elements are within the Universe of Minds and a list follows.

The best advice seems to be that one should use sections S01 to S06 first. Then if the reader decides he can do better at creating procedures, then he should use the most Fire and Physical Universe orientated tools he can use. He might well be right, as the writer has had to go through the door first and has probably taken the long way around.

NB. One can not affect anything in the Physical Universe, a physical human body, a Spirit or produce psi with this type of meditation, which may be hard to believe. What one can do is remove all negative mental influences, black magic, mind control, etc, so that anything that can happen will happen.. We do not need minds. When the writer is called on to heal anyone, he commands that person to heal themselves, and if anything can happen it normally does.


Viking Remote Viewing and Psychic Self-Defence.

Edmund Meadows, as part of the Viking Spiritual Remote Viewing (first Internet edition), ISBN No 0 9524450 50, July 2001.