M01.17 - A General Theory of Telepathy -
Reconciling the works of Dr Andrija Puharich and Dr Rupert Sheldrake
together with Dowsing and Remote Viewing.
Notes November 2011.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S07 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again.

The more psychological junk one can handle consciously, the more one can handle sub-consciously. In this way one can keep one's own sector clean, even if it is not as big as one thinks it is. Go for the biggest targets you can find.

A General Theory of Telepathy. There is little evidence for the psychic ability of prediction, for teleportation or for levitation, so it appears that the only psychic ability around is telepathy and variations on it. Thus there should be a general theory. We shall list the various types described by people and attempt to provide a general theory.

The Sub-Conscious. The vast bulk of telepathy appears to be generated and received by the sub-conscious. Physically this is mainly the basic reptilian brain (or operating system) at the top of the spinal cord and below the 2 halves of the brain. This includes the pineal body or third eye. This is not the shallow sub-conscious of unresolved memories beloved by psychotherapists. Conscious telepathy can take place but is the exception and not the rule. Only one man has ever sent the writer a deliberate recognisable verbal telepathic message. Thus do not expect any great amount of verbal or pictorial material, but do expect a lot of emotion especially emotions of the sub-conscious which are pretty incomprehensible. The sub-conscious is not renowned for conscious thought. However it does pay to identify the sender. Freud was very frightened of the Id (sub-conscious) escaping and taking over. Freud was probably quite right, but then too much conscious control of the sub-conscious may be equally dangerous.

Media. Telepathy has not been recorded as traveling in the physical universe that we know. That just leaves the 7 lost dimensions in quantum physics, alleged to have disappeared just after the Big Bang. Their use appears to be no problem to the primitive reptilian brain.

Physical Panic. Neurologist Dr Andrija Puharich in his book "Beyond Telepathy" 1962 and 1974 found a common pattern in his surveys. A typical case has a man digging a ditch on his own property when it collapses on him. A friend some way away who is relaxed, senses that something is amiss, but does not know what. The friend pays a visit to the man, and digs him out. Do not mention this sort of event to Health and safety, otherwise you will get a very long lecture on the danger of unsupported ditches. The writer's experience is do not dig deeper than 80 cm and definitely not above one's hips which are a broad point of the body. In 2003, he was digging a 32 inch ditch down his garden to bury an electrical cable to a shed, when he dug through an old bomb crater. The soil was too loose and collapsed trapping his legs. He just got himself out without losing his boots. Dr Puharich was probably on a winning ticket investigating people who had survived collapsing ditches. The basic key here is fear of death on the part of the victim and a relaxed mind on the part of the friend or receiver.

Male Telepathy. This is abundant in monotheism and male dominated religion. This is a usually a male vice but sometimes female. It is basically a game of who has the biggest willy and is pure mind control. If someone creates an illusion that people buy into, then that person is labeled a great leader or artist, otherwise he is labeled as schizophrenic and is liable to land in the hands of a psychiatrist. Winners crow from the tops of their dung heaps. Such people have to defend their own little universe even against psychiatrists, otherwise it will come crumbling down. We find that the greater the psycho, or the greater the cult, the greater the telepathic sender. The bulk of this website is devoted to dealing with such activity. If one detects such malice, then provided one is of relaxed mind one can turn such malice around as remote psychotherapy and return it to sender. It is essential to hold one's water and take the high moral ground. It is quite usual for such telepaths to pull in the memories and unfinished business of the dead and dead gods. It is advisable to locate the real source of the telepathic flow, as the apparent source may be just a relay from someone else. In this case the apparent source has an overload from another person, and there can be chains and hierarchies. Go for the top of the hierarchy. Religions, cults and secret societies hate psychics and anyone who can read their telepathy for what it really is, as reading telepathy tends to dismantle all castles in the sky. Two way mind control may look a non starter, but it is the norm for cults, religions and extreme politics. The key here is sub-conscious fear of loss or damage to one's own little universe.

Downloads are a complete package of "Obey or else". The usual trick of evangelists is to rub the noses of the audience in the mire by telling them how terrible things are, and then give them a religious download, which saves them by getting them to be reborn at the top of the universe below. However as it is in the universe below this leads to loss of ability. This is a variation on the Acquired Memory Syndrome.

Wagering one's Head is an extreme form of male telepathy, but is actually remarkably common. It is a form of dueling and is the way religions and sects fight each other. The only religious reference to admit to this is in the Icelandic Sagas of Snorri Sturluson. On a human level, the loser either loses a piece of his mind or has a piece of the winner's mind dumped on him. This is lethal to the loser in the case of disincarnate gods as they have no body.

Female Telepathy. This is the telepathy described by Dr Rupert Sheldrake with examples like "People who know who is phoning them before they pick up the phone", and "Dogs who know when their owners are coming home". This is not confined to women or humans. Women are very vulnerable, especially when raising a family, so this flow known as "Love" is needed to keep men interested and to do them favours. This flow is very cohesive and helps to bind the family and group together. The writer admits to frustration when dialing the phone, "Are they or are they not there?", so it is logical to him that the person phoning creates the flow. Dogs are pack animals and pick up the sub-conscious fears of the pack leader, their owner, that their possessions may have deserted them. When dogs are properly fed and doing nothing, they are generally relaxed and asleep. The writer has tried and failed to take a cat to the vet, a problem which many people know. This a flow based on sub-conscious fear of being abandoned, and is certainly survival for the family. It is fear of loss. In the form of love, it is a cry for help that few men can resist. Two way love is the foundation of long term relationships.

Emotional Power - 2013. Since originally writing this, we have come to the conclusion that responsibility, love, forgiveness, control, hatred and distress are all emotions of the reptilian brain. These emotions provide the power behind a message, which is different to the contents of a message. In this case there is no conflict as previously thought between Puharich and Sheldrake.

Charisma. This is a variant on female telepathy, and basically says "Look at me". It is driven by the sub-conscious fear of being ignored. It is only survival for the charismatic. It has so many of the attributes of male telepathy that it is best treated as such.

Dowsing. The writer is at a disadvantage here as he is not a dowser. The dowser picks up various flows from the subject. In the case of humans, these can be body flows possibly even more fundamental than the sub-conscious. Running water is also detectable by dowsers, however running water creates energies, some of which are probably in the 7 lost dimensions of quantum physics. This implies that telepathy is just another energy flow in the lost dimensions of quantum physics. It may also be that these lost dimensions are not lost at all but just too obvious for us to observe. We need to investigate this area further.

Remote Viewing. A common report is that the greater the emotion associated with a target, the easier it is to remote view. However some targets have little human association, and so have much in common with dowsing targets. It may well be that there is a world map written in the lost dimensions (written by humans?). What one can handle depends on the state of one's filters. Failure to filter out what can not be handled will cause a remote viewer to crash. The writer concentrates on mind controllers, which in turn means male telepathy and the unfinished business of dead gods that such telepaths pull in. The identities of targets can be more important than any data. In the case of military style co-ordinate remote viewing (CRV), the energy source may well be the person requesting the viewing. Remote viewing is generally 50% right or 50% wrong depending on one's viewpoint, due to communications being via the sub-conscious. It also loses accuracy when detail is demanded. The remote viewer has to be in a relaxed state and thus does not provide any of the energy required.

The Telepathic Net is the sum total of all telepathy, and is remarkably similar to the Universal Sub-conscious. One can trawl for "Everyone who refuses to bow down and worship you", as the only people you will catch are those who want you to bow down and worship them. Everyone else just could not care less about you.

Akasha and Karma are the sum total of what telepaths and the dead would like you to believe, and what occultists and theologians do believe. It can keep one amused for days but unfortunately has no relation to reality, and leads to a downward spiral.

Murder by Telepathy is not possible, else someone would have murdered the writer long ago. Also he and and a member of the CIA tried taking out someone on the CIA list, and apparently all that happened was that the target ceased to be a living god. All gods, satans, vampires, demons, members of the dead and mere mortals using telepathy can do is to frighten you out of your wits. Provided you are prepared to pick yourself up and carry on, their attacks crumble like Towers of Babel. One must keep in mind at all times that one is a living entity, and thus superior to anyone who is dead. A good dose of Viking invincibility has served the writer well.

Remote psychotherapy can also be described as exorcism. A telepathic flow consists of a mind control commands with a penalty for non compliance. If one actually reads both command and the penalty being sent, then one can turn it around with a bit of Zen and a few ripe words, and return it to sender. Abreaction will tell you if you are on the right track. In order to read the whole flow, one must be in a relaxed state of mind, and so to return a flow one must use the emotions of the sender. Spiritual purification helps no end towards being relaxed enough to fully receive, yet have the ability to throw the emotions back to sender. In the case of ladies with overloads from telepaths, one can command them to do some most unladylike things to those who have sent the overload. Men can also have overloads and can be handled in a similar way. Clearing out rubbish by telepathy in someone else's sub-conscious allows their conscious mind to sort itself out.

Animal Telepathy. There are people who specialise in reading animal telepathy. This may or may not be a case of telling people what they want to hear. There has been a report from America of a lady who gave it up, as what the animals only wanted to tell her was how they were mis-treated.

Spiritual Purification. This has no relation to the number of degrees one has in any religion, cult or lodge, usually the reverse. The western tradition is that the more a man learns, the more enlightened he becomes. The eastern tradition is that enlightenment comes from throwing mental rubbish away. To increase telepathic reception one must be prepared to take a Zen approach.

Conclusions. The following applies mostly to male telepathy, as all the other forms are easy to live with, even desirable.

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