Tables of Emotion for the Ego, and Remote Viewing and Remote Psychotherapy.
A Scale of Psychic Warfare.
Dismantling versus Creation.

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A Table of Ego and the Higher Conscious Brain Emotions.
This involves the left hand side (logical) and right hand side (artistic) of the higher brain. This is a combination from observation, psychiatric and other sources. This does assume that the 2 sides of the brain share a similar pattern of emotions, which may not be true once one starts looking into detail. Please note that when one is working on the emotions of the Sub-conscious or Reptilian Brain, one has to drag these items through the Conscious Emotions, which can be a bit confusing.

The above table takes no account is taken of the Fates Worse than Death like Blame, Shame and Regret, for a body cannot drop below Death.

There are plenty of other emotions, but these appear to be associated with various parts of the brain. Thus any lists or scales which appear are constantly changing. However if one gets all emotions of the sub-conscious mind in communion with each other, then one can experience Nirvana.

Emotions and Remote Viewing.

The Emotions of the Meta-Conscious.
A Scale of Psychic Warfare.
Emotions of Creation and Destruction in the Meta-Conscious.

Now we take the male military viewpoint, but some people prefer to live in an ordered universe. Also as it stands, it does not suit the female viewpoint which usually prefers a more ordered universe, as this favours a safe environment for bringing up children. There are also people who like an ordered universe for political or religious reasons. Some Russians look back fondly on the Soviet era.

Now there is a cult who say Be, Do, Have shalt be the law. We of a military disposition believe the ideal to be a state of Perpetual Destruction and Recreation. Religion is there to serve the people and not visa versa. In other words, Do, Be, Have. At least the cult is honest.


Immortality in the sense we normally know it, appears to belong to Beingness and not Doingness. If one is in a state of doingness, then one is too busy being in present time to worry about the past or the future. Only beingnesses have to worry about survival in the sense that we normally know it. However beingnesses are hardly living entities however much they claim to be. If they are living, then they are very low life. Thus if we wish to shed all rubbish and return to Gaia on a higher level, then we must shed all low life. Thus target all immortal souls, Akasha, Karma, memes, engrams, zodiacs, astrologies and what ever our ancestors and Denisovans left behind to leave us free to rejoin Gaia.

Some people prefer to live in a totally ordered universe. Some people like living under Communism and Fascism. If you follow the advice of the Church, little should go wrong in your life, but you may find life a bit too boring. A balance is needed between continuity and chaos.

Telepathy. It looks like we are are looking at a spectrum of telepathy. There is also the possibility of a variety of telepathies. Can we incorporate dowsing into a general theory? Universal Telepathy appears antagonistic to Owners, Downloaders, Controllers, Immortal Alter-Egos and Vampires. It is charitable to allow one's ancestors to live on as alter-egos. It is unwise to give houseroom to people one has not known in life. Target Alter-egos in conflict and Denisovans in conflict. Draw your own conclusions.

Dismantling versus Creation.
Psychic Energy versus Schizophrenia.

It now appears that everything obsolete in the Universe of Beingness or Ordered Universe is now turning into Schizophrenia. Now if no one agrees with your realities, then you are medically Schizophrenic. If your realities agree with other people's realities, then you are socially Schizophrenic. If you use self evident realities as in the Physical Universe, and no one complains, then you can claim to be normal. Thus we can target obsolete Gods and religions, and also their successors like Socialism, National Socialism and Communism which also share their virtues and vices. In the meantime we shall continue to drive on the same side of the road as other people.

Things now become a battle between Psychic Energy and obsolete creations, which in times past were created to give us a comfortable life. If we refuse to do clean ups, we will be strangled by our obsolete creations. Psychic Energy appears interchangeable with existing creations. Look for locks on Psychic Energy.

Exercise for students.
The above list of meta emotions can never be correct or in the right order. Rewrite the list as you believe to be correct.

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