M01.31. The Transmigration of Souls,
the Universal Subconscious (singular or plural),
and the genetic sources of human mental activity.

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Human logic is limited to the left hand side of the brain, and what it can handle.
If we try to think too far outside the box (left hand side of the brain), we can put ourselves in extreme distress.
Such distress occurs when we try to understand religion, the Universal Subconscious or quantum physics.

The Transmigration of Souls.

Around 1960 in Spiritualist circles, there was a legend that 6,000 years ago there was a migration of souls from a dying planet. Now when one types "The Transmigration of Souls" into Google, one gets articles on reincarnation only. Since the 1960s, we have heard various possible variations on the original. We hear that in the Hindu religion, there are 30,000,000 Gods. Then there are some who maintain that the original population of Nibiru, or Planet X as mentioned by Zecheria Sitchin, as the original home of the Elohim, was also 30,000,000. Then there is Hubbard, who in his Scientology OT3, maintained that a tyrannous tyrant on a distant planet, froze unwanted souls into ice cubes, and threw them down a volcano on Earth. Perhaps there is no shortage of variations on this theme.

What we are picking up now is that there is some truth in the original legend. What we were originally looking for was the common link between Jews and Arabs, and got Semites who were neither. The antics of both Jews and Muslims is now past a joke. Both lots appear to be imploding, and that is only inter cult rivalry. Now logical thought is a function of the left hand side of the brain. Logical thought is in remarkably short supply on this subject, but there is plenty of emotion. Also we have no knowledge at present as to whether the original transmigration was done as a favour to us, or whether it was an act of war, or something very different. These so called "Souls" behave as thought forms or super memes, without energy or intelligence, and not as living entities. However we may have to rethink our definitions of life forms.

Spiritual Love appears to the opium which enables these parasites to live in willing hosts. We may assume that these parasites are unisexual, which may explain the love that organised religion boasts about. It may also explain why the latent homosexuals of organised religion are so against gay lib. A true symbiont gives its host something useful in exchange for what it takes. A parasite does not.

Do your own investigation and draw your own conclusions. Man and especially religions like single reasons for any single problem, but transmigrations may have occurred for a multitude of reasons and sources. Targets include -

Psychology v the Physical Universe. In the past we have had problems with entities which claim "I am God so you can not touch me". These entities always turned out petty obsolete gods of no real importance, except perhaps self-importance. We now have problems with entities which claim "I am part of the Physical Universe so you can not touch me". We expect these entities to turn into similar non-entities. If in doubt, target the worst possible scenario. The following may turn out to be more psychological illusion than physical.

The Law and the Universal Subconscious tend to merge at this level. The results can be unfortunate if they are not in line with each other.

The Original Gods. In 2010 in the cave of St Denis, a Russian Orthodox saint, in Siberia, the remains of giants were found. They yielded readable DNA. Thus a race of ancient man was found who were cousins of the Neanderthals. They have been named the Denisovans. Thus it is now permissible in science to believe in Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch, the Nefilim and anyone else standing about 2.40 metres tall.

Now modern human giants are known to be on the weak side. Thus the actor who played the character Jaws in the James Bond films was no way near capable of performing his film feats of strength. This was not a problem to the film makers. Thus it is reasonable to believe that the giants of old were also weaker than ourselves. For optimum strength per kilo and a long life, 1.70 metres is a far better height.

In the Viking Sagas, Loki who becomes the mischief god is a Frost Giant. He talks his way into the family of Odin. If we read between the lines, then Loki may be a giant but does not have the physical strength to take on Odin's family. Thus he uses his wits and intelligence instead. Thus he becomes the archetype of impulse and fast talking. Loki also has a reputation as a shape changer, which could indicate he was an illusionist.

The Viking Sagas may give the best insight into the Denisovans. Meetings between Thor and the Frost Giants go through 5 phases.
       Thor meets a frost Giant.
       He is taken in by the illusion and delusions created by the frost Giant.
       He breaks through the veil of illusion to see things as they actually are.
       Thor loses his temper.
       Thor kills the Frost Giant.

Aboriginal people like the Innuits or Eskimos, and the Australian Abos are very peaceful non violent people. They are not good at defending themselves. The aboriginal San people in South Africa were supposed to have been wiped out by the Zulus, to prevent them raiding Zulu cattle. However the modern Xhosa people claim to be the descendants of the San, and they control modern South African politics, not the Zulus!

In the Viking Sagas, the Frost Giants were experts in illusion and delusion, but could not match the strength of Thor. Thus we start to get a picture of sentient beings who preferred to use their intelligence and superior mental abilities like mind control, rather than physical strength.

The last version of Homo Sapiens to leave Africa is quite murderous. It has no qualms about wiping out inferior races like Abos, Jews and anyone of the wrong cult or religion. Violence is our great survival virtue.

The Atlanteans, Nefilim, Elohim, Lemurians. We could be looking at ancient civilisations which had more mental and mind control abilities than we have. Such a mental civilisation would not necessarily have written words or houses made of stone. With advanced remote viewing, they could have made the Maps of the Sea Kings. With advanced telepathy, they could have had an excellent communications system. The downside would have been remarkably little room for free will. Thus they would have left nothing that looks like a civilisation to us. As anyone who has dabbled in archeology knows, finds do tend to be miraculous exceptions anyway.

Atlantis and Lemuria are probably metaphors for things lost in history. They were probably not quite as described by Plato and others. There is no evidence for lost continents, but plenty of evidence for lost islands. We blame the Lemurians for the invention of astrology.

These lost civilisations were probably fine if one appreciated mind control, illusion, delusion, the acquired memory syndrome and astrology. We are probably happier without these things, with our TVs, houses and cars.

So what happened to these marvelous civilisations? We probably found them to be insufferable with their mind control and other vices. We probably did what we do best and killed them. We dispatched them in the style of Thor. In our guilt, we have turned them into Gods, remembering their virtues and not their vices. Perhaps smallpox and tuberculosis did the job for us. However the outcome is that we appear to be living in a Denisovan and Neanderthal created psychological universe.

Another possibility is that the Denisovans developed such a sophisticated psychic universe, that they destroyed themselves. They could not live in harmony with what they had created. Look out for Psychic Wars, and the Wars of the Gods. This begs the question, "Can we survive the Communications Revolution (Radio, TV, the Internet)?".

In Section M06.. ETs and their activities - 2000, we suggested that in ET mythology, the Pleiadean ETs were supposed to escaped slaves from the reptilian Erideans. Now the Pleiadeans are supposed to be remarkably human like, and the females have large boobs, so the probability is that they originated from Earth. It could be hard luck on us if they are descendants of the Neanderthals or Denisovans, and not Homo Sapiens.

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