M01.36. The Energy Net, Vampirism,
and the Forgiveness of Sin.
The Secret Weapon of the Early Christian Church.

The meditational exercises in S01 to S08 are needed to make this section work. If things get too heavy, go back to S01 and work forward again. The information here may be in other parts of the site.

Intuition is all important here as logic and pictorial thought are in short supply. This can make conceptual thought difficult.

Original Sin can be defined as guilt without a logical cause. Most people know what they have done in this lifetime. Thus actions in this lifetime can a source of guilt. Such actions can only become sin if some priest defines such actions as sins against God. The reality is that only Gods can sin, and they download all their sins down upon their worshippers. It now appears that a God can only exist because of his sins and unfinished business. Thus if one forgives enemy Gods and foreign Gods their sins, they cease to exist to the extent they did before. At least with polytheist Gods, one is left with useful archetypes. This should at least reduce the number of alter-egos in the name of the God. This is good for your survival and the survival of your country. Unfortunately this is very politically incorrect, and can land one up in a court of law on a blasphemy charge. We had better not comment further.

Sin is also a good basket description of everything unwanted in the sub-conscious and the reptilian brain.

The Forgiveness of Sin. As mentioned earlier, most people expect their God to forgive them their sins. However they never dream of forgiving the sins of their god. This is crazy as forgiveness is a 2 way process. Sin is also a 2 way process between individuals. Sin is very much a monotheist vice, and probably depends on the quantity and intensity of theology.

The Secret Weapon of the Early Christian Church was the Forgiveness of Sin. It wiped out the sins of all rival Gods. It wiped out Mithras and the Greek and Roman Gods. In the beginning, everyone forgave everyone else, as there was no orthodoxy and thus no heresy. There was no theology, only ideas. Everyone loved everyone else. Then the Church became corporate, and it became easier to burn heretics at the stake than to forgive them. Then Satan had a stroke of genius, and convinced the Church to take up celibacy, and thus made all sex a sin. One can not forgive natural functions. The Christian Church has now lost its secret weapon, and has thus become the victim of other more aggressive religions. The original Jesus who was probably married twice, is not the same animal as that manufactured in his place by the Church. Original Sin resides in the Reptilian Brain, regardless of its origin. Sin is best left undefined, and anyone who tries to define it has lost the plot.

Energies. These are originally natural energies, and have no logic or emotion. However they have been adapted by human logic and emotion into other things. Thus they are the basis of religion and psychology, without them having psychological meaning of their own. They are energies, nothing more, nothing less, but they may need waking up.

Self Replicating Memes. At this level, all memes, engrams, zodiacs, astrologies, and Gods that exist outside a person in the Universal Subconscious tend to become self replicating memes. This does not apply to the results of one's actions in this lifetime. It does apply to everything that existed before one's birth. There is plenty of rubbish lying outside one. If it were not self replicating, it could not survive. Thus a God can be both a singular entity, and a collection of self replicating alter-egos at the same time. In order to survive, these alter-egos must replicate and find new hosts. Also in order to survive, they must vampire the living for energy.

Faith. The great sin of Christianity appears to be the misuse of Faith. Now Faith is a juvenile emotion. It is employed by young children so that they believe completely in their parents. As they are dependent on their parents, this is a useful emotion. This tends to break down when they become revolting teenagers. Faith is a great tool for Fast Thought. We need Faith that everyone else is going to drive on the same side of the road as ourselves. However this sort of reflex thought needs to be tempered by Slow Logical Thought.
The Viking God of Juvenile Emotions is Loki.

Forgiveness belongs to Balder. The Viking religion has fewer contradictions and thus generates far less in the way of sin. Thus forgiveness becomes a natural function. There is a natural affinity with beauty, youth and rebirth. Forgiveness requires conscious thought to be meaningful.

Theology and Metaphysics should not be ruled by juvenile emotions like faith. Theologies are an expression of opinion and free speech. Thus any accusation of heresy is a violation of free speech.

Enlightenment. At last we have discovered where it goes. It is an emotion which promises everything, but gives nothing, bar a feeling of euphoria. It belongs to Balder along with forgiveness. Balder is the balance point. Whatever we do we must return to Balder if we are to remain sane.

Hearts and Minds is a military version of balance. The objective is to win over the help of the local population, so that they are on the same side as yourself. However if it does come to a battle, hit hard.

The Forgiveness of Schizophrenia. Sin tends to turn into social schizophrenia. This is not quite the same as clinical schizophrenia. However they may appear together and be combined.

Uncompleted Cycles of Thought. This looks like another name for Unfinished Business. What we are looking at here is a clutter of unfinished thought, that may appear to be sin, social schizophrenia, or even criminality.

Conventional Wisdom says "Aim for the top". Practical wisdom says "Yes, but return to the balance point afterwards".

The Telepathic Net is just one of a number of nets, only limited by one's imagination.

The Apocalypse of Sin.
The Apocalypse of Schizophrenia. These two appear to go together. Now doing a good deed to one person, probably means doing a bad deed to someone else. For actions in this lifetime, people generally know how to balance things up, because they know what they have done. The problem arises when memories are borrowed from outside. This gives arise to a great soup of action, reaction and revenge. The moral is probably that if one wants to avoid sin, the one must avoid Monotheism. One should also avoid cults which have a heavy theology and authorised texts. At least with Polytheism one has a list of usable archetypes that one can live in, until such time as they are no longer needed.

Systems. All psychologies, politics and religions are systems. All religions start with the words "God created order out of chaos". In other words, he simplified your view of the world to make it liveable. This could well be a sin of this website.

Forgiveness by Mother can be more effective that forgiveness by God. In a similar way Forgiveness by the Blessed Virgin can be more effective than Forgiveness by Jesus, especially for Catholics. This has interesting implications.

The Buddha preached Enlightenment. Jesus preached forgiveness. Both involve the abandonment of psychological irritants. Both Enlightenment and Forgiveness are beginning to look like the 2 sides of the same coin. Their differences may lie not so much in their nature, but in the cultures these gentlemen were trying to remedy. In the frozen North, people were too worried about survival to worry about either or their sources.

Beingness and Doingness are in opposition with Forgiveness in the middle to keep order. Forgiveness is also an agent of repair in all other dimensions including up. As Forgiveness mainly works on memory, it can also operate in the past as well as the present. Now Doingness is unlikely to leave Unfinished Business behind, but beingness does. Thus religion and the Universal Subconscious are clogged up with unfinished beingness.

Origins. This is starting to look like the following -

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