P04 Next. The Laws of Telepathy and the Psychic Plague.

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Let intuition be your guide.

Table of contents -

The Self Replicating Engrams or Engreme.

Natural Ability versus Akasha.

A Revised Scale of Emotions of the Sub-conscious or Reptilian Brain.

A Table of Telepathy and Psi.
Now such a scale will be multi-dimensional according to the point of view of the viewer. The positive when it is used, is liable to burn up the negative, and return one to the current baseline. Also nothing is mutually exclusive. All levels are present, but some will need waking up.

The Brain from the point of view of the brain.

The Magician.

Let the Ego (higher brain) rule the Sub-conscious (reptilian brain).

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Edmund Meadows, March 2018, Archived by the British Libraries on www.webarchive.org.uk/ukwa.