P03 Gaia and the Denisovans.

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Let intuition be your guide.

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Psychopomps are creatures, spirits, angels, or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife. (Wiki). In practice this means anyone who is prepared to talk to the recent dead without judgement,and thus help them through Purgatory and move on. This can be expanded. Thus our psychopomposity can be expanded to cover the forgiveness of sin / engrams / memes / astrology / apocalypses / social schizophrenia, in fact anything psychological regardless of what quantum universe it is in.

It can also be expanded to cover the living, the recent dead and the dead. In developing psychopomposity, one should start with oneself and work outwards. In practice, it is impossible to free of sin, because doing a good deed to one person diminishes the good to another. It is however theoretically possible to be in a constant state of forgiveness to anything which comes one's way. Psychopomposity is best seen as a human emotion in the relationship between parents and their children. It can be very selective.

The Poltergeist is a high energy form of being, and is the teeth of the psychopomp.

Notes for investigation.
The Law of the Land is generally written. Psychological and religious law, ancient and modern, rarely is.
The apocalypses of the Law, existences, the Source, sin, schizophrenia, pain, monotheist gods and memory.
The pain of acquired engrams.
Psychopomping all apocalypses. The Universal Psychopomp. Universal Telepathy.
Is God (singular) a communion of psychopomps?
The Apocalypses of Sin, Engrams, Telepathy, Nirvana, Opium, Social Schizophrenia, Psychological Existence, Universal Telepathy, Universal Energy and Consciousness. Schizophrenia may be the price of consciousness.

Doingness and Work cover the creation and destruction of beingness, sin and schizophrenia. Forgiveness of sin and the psychopomp appear as the highest form of beingness. Target all works. Can a psychopomp forgive the Machinery of the Universe / Establishment?

The Great Sky Engram.
Look at the concepts of both the Great Sky Psychopomp and the Great Sky Engram.
The next stage up is pure energy.

The Imagination and Imaginary Energy.
Like the square root of Minus one in mathematics, imaginary energy can appear remarkably real. At the bottom end for practical purposes, is the Psychic Plague, which no one wants to meet twice. The Holy Ghost at the top for Christians. Other religions probably have their equivalents. In between we have Engram Energy, the Schizophrenic Plague, Akashic Energy and Healing energy, and probably the Toronto Blessing as well. The quality of energies depends on their emotional level. The list of variations is endless. These flows are raw energy, but without logic. It looks as though the priesthood supply the logic, to suit themselves and thus create Gods and theologies. This is real opium.

The Attractions / Charisma of Schizophrenia.
What is so marvellous about it? The answer is that it is a supplier of Imaginary Energy or Akashic Energy, and as such is a honey trap. Imaginary Energy is the most sort after commodity in the Universe.

Active imaginations have created civilisations. While both remote viewers and schizophrenics have vivid imagination, the remote viewer finds it easy to return to the Physical Universe when he wants, while the schizophrenic prefers imaginary universes even if they trap him. What the remote viewer sees is an mental image picture showing the real world. There are even some people who believe the Physical Universe is an illusion, and that only the Spirit World is real.

Active imaginations have also created the illusions and delusions known as religion. These are systems in which no member can step back from, or escape. Therefore they can be classed a schizophrenias, even if they have been mutually agreed among the members.

When an imagination only has the agreement of one, then the one is either regarded as a silly fool, or in need of a psychiatrist and is deemed schizophrenic if he offends other people.

If we tend to target anything which threatens our serenity or that of our associates, we target malice and any other unfortunate emotion. Thus we have no incentive to remain outside the Physical Universe. Military Remote Viewers can get caught in a trap. Generals are only interested in how many guns the enemy has, and not in his emotions. However the emotions can be a contagious trap, if not handled.


Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. True, if one is not prepared to step back into the physical universe. If not, one tends to believe one's own propaganda. This another source of opium like energy.

Systems.Most people prefer to live within the rules of a system, in return for the benefits of that system. If one can step outside or leave the system, it is an imagination. If one is not allowed to leave, then the system is a schizophrenia. However if one can not leave, how can one use it in the physical universe?

Dualities and the Creation of Energy.
It appears that imaginary energy or psychic energy is created between two opposites. Thus to have energy, one must have 2 things in opposition. A lot depends on personal preferences and definitions. We do not need dualities in order to live. However the energy from these dualities has produced some mighty creations. Examples of dualities include -

The history of the universe.

The kingdom of Gaia, as viewed by Gaia.


Denisovan Memes and other Ancient Memes.

Let the Ego (higher brain) rule the Sub-conscious (reptilian brain).

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