P05. The Psychic Plague and Total Personal Responsibility.

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Let intuition be your guide.
The greater the psycho, the greater is their need for loyalty, and betrayal is a complete anathema.

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Astrology. Our views have not much changed since 1997 when we wrote S03. Some Simple Drills.. Astrology contains houses and planets which contain zodiacs which contain goals in various fractal patterns. Goals are there by the thousand and too many to handle individually. Goals are still in 6 states, positive and negative, present, future and past. As astrology is dependent on the plan of this planet, this solar system and how astronomy appears from Earth, it appears to have originated on Earth. It appears devoid of logic. It appears to be understandable to the primitive reptilian brain, but not the conscious mind. It is highly suited to a society of clones to give variation, but we have genetics to give us variation. It has little effect on the individual, unless they want it to apply to us. It has a far greater effect on populations.

Scientists claim that in the Big Bang, mathematical constants were created which are just right for human life on this planet. If the mathematics had been any different, we would not exist, and this might apply to the universe as well. This suggests a self adjusting system which can balance itself.

Astrology appears to be a self balancing and adjusting system which created itself with a bit of help from the Denisovans, our genetics and the history of man and his Karma. This does not prevent us from uncreating it. The Machinery of the Universe appears to be built on Astrology.

Schizophrenia starts to appear as an unfortunate combination of genetics and astrology, unsuited and unadapted to current requirements. When it is introverted it can land one in hospital. When extroverted it can become the dreaded psychic plague which upsets everyone in contact. We can not change our genes, but we can learn to live with the advantages and disadvantages of what we have got.
Schizophrenia may also predate astrology, and have some part in its creation.

Morphic Fields.
All are very dependent on telepathy. All can be cleaned up.

Stupidity versus Change and Evolution. It is apparent that all systems that are incapable of change are stupid, and are of no intelligence. Thus all psychological existences including engrams, memes, goals, zodiacs, astrologies, religions, gods, etc, are stupid as they can not change. Systems are fine as short term solutions, but they all have a use by date. Systems must be constantly updated if they are to survive. It is also apparent that people attract in outside entities or stupidities according to the desires of their genes. Target all stupidities and their sources.

The Laws of Telepathy and the Sub-conscious Mind.

Games are fine until one gets trapped inside them.

The Psychic Plague.

The Universe of Thought.

Schizophrenic Minds, the schizophrenic Plague and Telepathic Minds.

The Universe of Quantum Physics.

In the Universe of Quantum Physics, there is nothing that the Conscious Mind can understand, sense or view, and thus nothing exists to the Higher Conscious Mind. However Intuition and abreaction still work. The Universe of Akasha (including all memes, engrams, zodiacs and astrologies) has its roots in the Universe of Quantum Physics. The Universe of Quantum Physics is probably Hell for those who decline to throw away their rubbish, but Nirvana to those who accept it and its power. It proves an excellent power base for the clearing of obsolete Akasha.

Total Personal Responsibility.

Total Personal Responsibility for both thought and action appears highly desirable. The circuits of the reptilian brain or the sub-conscious dealing with responsibility appear to follow a scale as follows -


Creation versus Destruction.


Dreams can make a good window into the sub-conscious, and can be targeted. Why not train the sub-conscious to do all the work, while one is sleeping, instead of leaving it to the conscious mind.

Our Hormones including Oxytocin the pleasure hormone.

Now the conscious mind is ruled over by logic, observation and memory. We are coming around to the view that the sub-conscious mind, which is responsible for telepathy among other things is actually made up of "many entities". Thus it can have many "emotions" independent of each other, and thus may be ruled by our hormones. Some of our hormones may be ruled by our environment as well as our genetics, and then there is our micro population of bacteria, plus other influences.

The particular angle we have been looking at has been positive telepathy, and we have trouble finding it. We have tried looking for positive telepathy, Viking telepathy and just telepathy, without much success. It looks probable that love, beingness and empathy are ruled over by oestrogen, and action and doing are ruled over by testosterone. Telepathy is just a primitive defence mechanism ruled over by adrenalin. What hormone rules over remote viewing which can read telepathy????. We all have all the hormones, it is just that we vary in the proportions we have them, varying due to sex and genetics. We do not appear to have much control over our hormones.

A quick look on Google for "Telepathic hormones" gave us www.psychologytoday.com.. who suggest it might be oxytocin, the pleasure hormone. This could be partially correct as we find remote viewing and remote psychotherapy to be a source of pleasure. This suggests that negative telepathy is ruled by adrenalin, with God the Creator creating safe universes for us to live in. Thus positive telepathy and God the Destroyer (of the obsolete) are ruled over by the pleasure hormone oxytocin. No wonder pleasure is an anathema to all religions. Thus all religion is a Tower of Babel built on the shifting sands of hormones. However as all mighty world religions are male dominated, perhaps God the Creator is testosterone. This is all worthy of further remote viewing and investigation.

Target the Laws of every Sub-conscious mind.
Some useful Affirmations.
Dualities work best. This is applicable to the universe of thought and not the physical universe. We hope you can tell the difference. Now judges will tell us they must be free of political control. We wonder which god they are responsible to. However we the taxpayer elect politicians to spend our money wisely. So if judges wish to be free of political control, we do not have to pay them. Let the Ego (higher brain) rule the Sub-conscious (reptilian brain).

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