Remote Psycho-Therapy and Psychic Warfare.

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An Invisible College is a group of people with a common objective. It is a society without a membership list, officers, property or meetings. Two of the best known ones are the Illuminati and the NWO or New World Order. We defy everyone to find their registered offices. Members identify as having a common objective. All societies have a name and a membership, and these are 2 separate entities.

Anything can be remote viewed, past or present, incarnate or disincarnate, and it is surprising the flak that even a name can attract. We do not recommend remote viewing the future, as this violates Chaos Theory. However one can only return telepathy as remote psycho-therapy if the source is sending malice or telepathy, or is inadvertently passing the malice on from a third party. The objective is to reduce malice from all sources.

Remote Influencing. The old jibe about remote influencing is that it pays mighty well for a year, but the influencer has to spend the rest of their life in a lunatic asylum. The practice of magic can be little better. This is a case of short term gain, and long time liability.

The first person to defend is oneself, though we recommend We as this cuts through all alter-egos, and expands one's universe. Also do not expect to be able to remote view anyone on a higher level of psychic freedom to oneself. Deal with your own demons first.

Psychic Invisible Colleges. Now we have been looking at the Guild of Psychic Vigilantes, which comprises of Remote Viewers, Remote Psycho-therapists, Dowsers, Healers and the Policeman's nose. Most psychics have a limited range of expertise and ability, so do not expect to be expert in everything. Make sure your fellow members are in good order, as you will need their help if you get into trouble.

Please note that in Facebook Remote Viewing Groups, it is an offence punishable by expulsion, to remote view fellow members. This is a correct rule if one is following CIA protocol which should be psychologically neutral, but not always. This rule is incorrect if one is following a path of positive Remote Psychotherapy, where a mutual path pays dividends.

The Sins of Melanie Klein. Mrs Klein was a Freudian psychoanalyst of repute, who wrote a book around 1930 on the psychoanalysis of children. Everyone thought the book wonderful, until they realised that she had psychoanalysed her own children. As this violated the natural laws of incest, her reputation plummeted. History has since restored her reputation. Think twice before using psychotherapy on one's own family. However if anyone is attacking your family, then they are far game.

Enemies at Home. (The use of the word Loyal is valid when dealing with Beingness, dubious when dealing with Doingness,)

International Warfare. Before every war, people ask "How is the next war going to be fought?". They invariably get the answer wrong. It does help if the enemy does not know it is being attacked, a point not lost on the Russians and Chinese. We favour Remote Psycho-therapy as a weapon of war to supplement other means of defence. We favour targeting the hearts and minds of the enemy soldiers and his politicians. Soldiers do not make war, but politicians do. The biggest problem may be how to get links to the enemy. For the soldier target, this may be scanning for soldiers whose fear is only held in check by their discipline. To target politicians may need the help of agencies who know them to get the links. If the politician is telepathing blunderbuss fashion, it helps if he is telepathing in your direction.

Conspiracy Theory. People are not fools. People are very good at picking up flak against them, but very poor at locating the right source. It usually gets attributed to what ever is in vogue in Conspiracy Theory. It can the local holy man up to no good, but politically incorrect to confront, especially if he is of different race or religion. It could be the Freemasons doing what Masons do, but unwise to confront. However a common source is the noise of the Market Place. Target the apparent source, and things will start to unravel. NB Do not try reading telepathy on a London Underground tube train as you will get an overload of the noise of the market place.

Pain. It becomes apparent that the thing which locks all mentalism in place is Pain.

Psychic Healing. The procedures on this website should look after mental health. They are highly are highly unlikely to kill bacteria, viruses or medical conditions. When considering Psychic Healing, look instead at TLC or Tender Loving Care, unless outside attackers show up. Good nursing can cover up many medical sins. See also Reflex, Zone or Foot Therapy.. Something appreciated by the ladies,(1998).

Sex. The thing to remember is that men want sex, while women want care and protection. These are 2 different things. Women enjoy sex if they think they are buying care and protection. Thus if a man wants sex, he should concentrate on the care and protection of the female sex. Much the same considerations apply here as to members of one's family.

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