The Natural Universe.

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Survival Strategies. Mathematicians tell us that the best survival strategy is variations on Tit for Tat. Return good deeds with good deeds, which is one definition of love. Return bad with bad, which does at least deter the aggressor. A better strategy is to occasionally break the cycle by returning good. A better remedy still is to return psychotherapy of some sort. So one has the choice, retaliate, ignore, forgive, or use Psychotherapy.
Pagan Maxim - Do good to your enemies as it confuses them greatly.
Love your neighbour regardless of race and religion and he will love you. Hate your neighbour and he is likely to take revenge, but some holy men will never learn.

Dowsing is a type of divination employed in attempts to locate ground water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, gravesites, malign 'earth vibrations' and many other objects and materials without the use of a scientific apparatus. Wikipedia

Beingness. There is a theory as old as time. If God can create the Universe, and as Man is created in his image, then Man can create. Some creations are useful such as the law to drive on the same side of the road. There is no perceivable connection between Beingness / Doingness and the Physical Universe, except via Man. Beingness is very energy hungry for any energy. Beingness claims to be king, and demands tribute in the form of energy.

Quantum Physics tells us that at the time of the Big Bang, there were 10 dimensions, 7 of which collapsed leaving 3 dimensions plus time. It is our contention that the lost dimensions disappeared from view, but are still there even if they are hard to observe. Thus there is plenty of room for Telepathic Waves and Dowsing Waves. Those people who want to turn Science into just another religion, will disagree with us.

Gaia and the Living Universe are worth considering. However the concept depends on everything generating and radiating an energy field, which leaves the question "Where does the energy come from.". We believe the Laws of Conservation of Energy are still valid.

The life Force is worth inspection. In modern science, the boundary between the living and the dead is somewhat blurred. Evidently viruses can be created in the laboratory, How were the first life forms on Earth created?

Cautionary tail from BSD (British Society of Dowsers). A group of dowsers got together to discover the theory behind dowsing by means of dowsing. Every time they converged on an answer, the theory changed, and thus they could not come to a conclusion.

Traditionally in the UK, dowsing is under the Royal Engineers (Army). In France, as Radiesthesia, it comes under the Catholic Church.


Sidereal Energy
Sidereal time is a timekeeping system that astronomers use to locate celestial objects. Using sidereal time, it is possible to easily point a telescope to the proper coordinates in the night sky. In short, sidereal time is a "time scale that is based on Earth's rate of rotation measured relative to the fixed stars". Wikipedia
It is also an old way of calculating longitude at sea, provided one has a ship's clock.

There are plenty of reports that psi works best when we are facing the black hole in the centre of the galaxy. We have never found this works for us. This probably because we are receiving and using human generated psi, and because we are members of the Dynamic Universe and not the static one. We are defenders and not attackers. This implies that there are more than one type of psi. Target the following, remembering that different sources of psi may work under different rules.

Psi also comes from psychotherapy and the breakdown of fossilised psi, personal, remote or universal. There may be other sources of psi.

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